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Top 5 Anime Enamel Pins You Should Add To Your Sailor Moon Collection

Do you enjoy Sailor Moon? If so, there’s a good possibility that you enjoy anime pins as well! There are many wonderful pins available, so you can express your appreciation for the series in an attractive way or add some fun and excitement to your regular outfit.

We’ve listed the top five anime pins that match Sailor Moon items in this post. So be sure to check out these choices whether you’re searching for a new addition to your collection or simply want to change things up a bit!

1. Enamel Pins – Sailor Uranus Steampunk Style Hard Enamel Pin

The pin has an ornate steampunk pattern surrounding a vivid photo of the fiery-haired sailor Uranus. This pin will look excellent on any jacket or shirt and is ideal for aficionados of both steampunk and anime fashion. It is now available for purchase from the Enamel Pins shop. So act quickly and include it in your collection!


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2. Enamel Pins – Sailor Neptune Steampunk Style Hard Enamel Pin

One of the most well-liked Sailor Moon characters is Neptune, and fans adore her enamel pin. Her steampunk-inspired hard enamel design complements any Sailor Moon dress beautifully. Any lover of the series must own this Neptune pin!

Your Sailor Moon-inspired clothing and backpacks look fantastic with it! Since it is constructed of durable enamel, it will last a lifetime and look fantastic on any article of clothing.


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3. Enamel Pins – Sailor Chibiusa Steampunk Style Hard Enamel Pin

Check out these Sailor Chibiusa-inspired hard enamel pins! She is the show’s adorable and vivacious lead character. Each pin has a retro steampunk design and is ideal for adding a fashionable touch to any outfit. These pins are sure to please, whether you’re a fan of the anime series or you just want to add some fun to your wardrobe. You’ll adore this hard enamel Sailor Chibiusa pin! Don’t miss the chance to get this pin since it is only available in a limited number of pieces.


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4. Enamel Pins – Sailor Venus Steampunk Style Hard Enamel Pin

Why not include an enamel pin of Sailor Venus? This hard enamel pin is a wonderful way to flaunt your admiration for the anime series and the main character. A stylized image of Sailor Venus wearing her recognizable orange dress appears on the pin.

It’s a wonderful addition to the collection of any Sailor Moon fan because of the design’s detailed and fashionable details. This enamel pin is a terrific choice if you’re searching for something special to mark your devotion to Sailor Moon.


It’s ideal for giving your costume some more flair or for simply dressing up your clothing in general. So, if you’re searching for a distinctive method to display your fandom, go no further than this Sailor Venus hard enamel pin!

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5. Enamel Pins – Sailor Pluto Steampunk Style Hard Enamel Pin

This Sailor Pluto hard enamel pin, is perfect if you like steampunk and Sailor Moon! With a top hat and goggles, this pin is designed to resemble the character’s anime series attire. The pin has a safety clasp to hold it firmly in place and is constructed of premium metal. This pin can be proudly displayed on a wall or worn proudly on clothing. For your collection, get this rare Sailor Pluto hard enamel pin right away!


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With these pins, you may attach items to clothing and other items in a variety of ways. We hope your time on our website is enjoyable!


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